January 29, 2006

Had a bad week...

To start off with something quilty, here is a baby quilt for a friends new is one of my first meandering quilted quilts...not really appropriate for sampler blocks, but I wanted to learn and I needed to make a baby of these days I'll learn some of the rules but not all, I'm sure...I kinda rebel a bit against total authority, LOL!

Now for my week...started off with a speeding ticket in the mail, my first ever, for going 45mph in a 30mph zone in our village taking the girls to their playgroup...on a day I didn't feel like leaving the house, I should have known! I get two points on my license which has expired by the way (my Irish one...still have my full US license which they don't accept here). I have to run around and reinstate my license and then pay $100 worth of a fine and get 2 points on my license for going a speed that everyone else does, but doesn't get caught doing....that was Tuesday.

Thursday, feeling sorry for myself, as my husband is away at work for the next few months and I am on my own Monday - Friday, I got a lovely Indian takeaway...lovely until it kept me awake all night with food poisoning...had a quilt and pillow on the bathroom floor as I was not well!!! Some beautiful wonderful friends of mine took the kids for me in the morning, and aside from phone calls I woke up for, and a brief chat when my husband arrived home late with the kids at 8pm, I slept for nearly 24 hours... It has been a bad week.

I figure things have got to get better this week. My 3 yo Aine (onya) starts montessori here locally (she's been going to a preschool, but she loves learning and we've been waiting for this to open!), and I've gotta get my license sorted, so I've got my work cut out for me this week! One thing for sure, no more indian takeaways this week!! Posted by Picasa


Lucy said...

Ohh Cathi , I hope you are soon really feel better . ... so that you can relax with some quilting :c) ..

Barbara said...


That sounds like a really bad week, but..things can only get better right..??..*s*

Lovely babyquilt btw...very Swedish..*lol*


The Calico Cat said...

EWW sounds like everything hit you all at once too!