January 13, 2006

Need to lose some "fat quarters", anyone wanna join? is quiet out here in blog land but I will put up this offer anyway... Over the last year I have seen my weight go up and down 30 lbs...unfortunately it is on an upward point now at 153. I would like to get down to 120/125 by the summertime with a goal of losing 5 lbs a month... My heaviest here was 190 and my weight I don't like to go much below is 120... With 2 small kids I am using food for stress relief way too often. I am vowing to myself more reaching for food...instead...I'll work on something quilty...a Dear Jane block, cutting for another project...something I can do in a small amount with kids not killing each other!

I need to get serious now or the weight will just keep going up. I'm almost out of all my jeans...time to get serious or else I'll have to buy larger sizes...eek!!!

Anyone wanna join in and lose some FQs this year? Posted by Picasa


Nancy said...

I'll join you. I have a lot more weigh to lose than you but I'm only concentrating on 20 lbs at a time. So far this year I've lost 8.9 lbs with 5.1 lbs lost the first week and 3.8 this last week. I'm just eating no sweets and less carbs. I don't go crazy with it. If I want a piece of toast with my breakfast I eat one. Mostly I don't eat pasta, rice, potatoes or much bread. I do eat LOTS of green veggies and salad.

Lucy said...

Ohh Cathi, I was running through your blog and saw that you lost so much weight !! You are so good . ( and looking good :c) ) .. Congratulations