January 15, 2006

Future Quilting Studio?

The whole family and I got in the car at an inhuman 8am (after a night out with the "girls" from my kids playgroup where many Bacardis were drank...who...not me!!! well okay...but only 5!!!eek!!!) and drove down to take a look at a house in the town where hubby will be starting job on Monday. This is the entire second floor...unfinished (didn't get planning permission for it, so had to all we have to do is put in stairs ourself and add some walls and we have a big master suite area...but I personally think the 60 foot room should be devoted to quilting...though I'd have to increase my stash to fill it...I don't even have one bookcase full of fabric at the moment!!! Posted by Picasa

1 comment:

Tonya R said...

ooh, yes, you need all that room. Get some better lights tho!