July 11, 2007

Doll Quilt Swap WIP

Doll Quilt Swap WIP, originally uploaded by Cathi O'Neill.

I am currently hand quilting this little baby for my Doll Quilt Swap partner. I am loving being able to work with a hoop and listen/watch TV while quilting it! Who knew that I'd love hand quilting so much! I am up to 24 blocks now for my big Dear Jane quilt!!

I had hoped to post on Sunday, but here is a photo of my two cuties. We are doing our Sunday tradition of making American pancakes from scratch. The girls love to help me make things and have gotten pretty good at pouring and mixing. Aisling (my youngest!) loves to crack eggs into tiny pieces, I get to fish out the broken shells!!!Making Pancakes with Mom

Our group quilt was hanging up on display with some of our group quilts in a shop window in can see a lot of reflection, but the quilt turned out pretty well!

Brian Boru Quilt

Knitting is on temporary hiatus until our trip on Saturday...I'm sure I'll work on it a bit over our vacation, and my try to get some fun photos of the sock on vacation in Portugal, lol, as part of a contest for the Socks of Summer knitalong I joined. My Virtual Vacation swap package will have to be gathered in August, it is somehow impossible to find 100 percent wool yarn in Ireland!! I need to source some independent spinners and dyers. The only bainin (Irish wool typically used for Aran sweaters and with lots of lanolin and sheepy smell left in it!) I have found is in the States...wonder if I can contact their source directly! End products are easy to find, yarn isn't, unless I want acrylic!!

Check out this cool sock yarn that Barbara sent over. It is from Lapland and I think would look great for some aran cable socks I fell in love with on someone's blog!! Gotta put that on my to do is getting long! Darn all this internet inspiration!Sock Yarn from Barbara!


Toni said...

what an adorable doll swap! The DJ blocks are beautiful!

Your girls are just too cute!

Virtual Vacation Swap Pal said...

I think the girls are great and what a nice name Aisling). What is the name of your youngest?

The doll quilt is awesome and it leads right in to tour tip #1 for your vacation location. I will leave these tips once a week so that maybe you'll be able to guess where you are touring by the time I send your gift. This week you should know that this area is famous for its quilting tradition stemming back to Europe when the group famous for it left the continent to avoid persecution.

Why do you have to get 100% wool for your downstream pal?

Virtual Vacation Swap Pal said...

Okay, I reread the post to see Aisling is your youngest. I must need glasses. How about your older girl?

Jenni said...

Your Doll Quilt is cute, and the quilt in the shop window is amazing. I am amazed that you can't get wool yarn in Ireland! You would think there would be heaps of it, and that there would be cottage industry spinning etc. How about that?

Tracy said...

Love your mini quilt! Your girls are just the sweetest! An nothing beats American-style pancakes ;o) Have a great, fun vacation! ((HUGS))

Lucy said...

Hi Cathi,

I was searching for your email adres, but couldn't find it. that's why I post my thank you here :-)

Thank you so much for your fabric , they are awesome!! and postcard with your sympathize words! I received so many fabrics that I can make a quilt with them :-) It touched my heart to know that so many woman all over the world are thinking of me !