June 13, 2006

Sorry I've been gone so long!

I've gotten some lovely comments from folks wondering how I am, and how my cousin is. Quilters are good folk!

We had an Irish heat wave, which means we broke into the 80s...that is tropical here! So most of the last few weeks have been spent outside with kids and their friends!

Look at my more row to is too big to take a photo of it on the floor without moving furniture! I'm so excited to see it taking shape!

Another crafty friend surprised me with quilting fabric from the States today! She loves to yard sale in the summer and is keeping an eye out for me for quilting fabric...they are great, and the pinks and greens are perfect to go into my cousin's scrappy quilt!

Teddy quilt is quilted with binding sewn on...will get the quilt done over the next while.

We have gotten the other house in Ballina, Co. Tipperary...will be a great location and a big house. You can take a sneak peek here if you want to see it! Will need a bit of updating, but it is such a big house for us! It is still just going to paperwork now, where everything fell apart last time, so keep your fingers crossed.

My cousin is much the same, but opened her eyes for a brief moment last week...haven't heard any more, but a good reason to hope.

Days here are full of dressing up, trampolining, refereeing fights between a 2 and 3 year old...the normal stuff...but am looking forward to getting settled again!

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