May 23, 2006

A lot going on...not all of it nice...

First, something are my helpers...helping me spread out my DJ to celebrate one more row done. Just 4 more to go, then onto the borders!

The teddy bear block will join with some blocks Barbara and Hanne are sending over as a comfort quilt to my cousin's little baby. Both of them were involved in an accident. The baby is faring well, but mommy is still in a coma from her injuries. I'm starting to get worried now, she should recover, but it could take a long long time, as her entire right side of her body seems to have been crushed...lots of broken bones. I will be making her a scrappy quilt using peach as a focus color (my aunt tells me it is her favorite...) I will be using a pattern a lot of bloggers have been discussing lately...the diamond square block... I don't have much yardage, so this should work well for me!!!

The "A" is the start of a free pieced alphabet sampler for Aisling's birthday next month...will work on this and my cousin's quilt as much as I can these days...

But tonight has been a busy one. More bad news this weekend. One of my best friends here, and the ever-present on my blog, Conor's mom, well her mom passed away this I whipped up a name pillow for Conor to match with his "magic quilt" that I made him. It is the wake tonight, so I am looking after them so parents can have a bit of space with all the visitors coming to pay respects (and the Irish trip to the pub afterwards!) He and his sister are having a sleepover tonight. I didn't think I'd make it, but they finally fell asleep around 9:45...

Anyway...I haven't read blogs as much as I should, but between kids, work, and has been busy!!!

Still trying to buy that pink house...but some technical issues have arisen, not monetary, but house and permits etc related...keep those fingers crossed, as we really would love that house, pink or not!!!
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