May 8, 2006

Little Pink Houses for You and Me

Wasn't that a John Cougar Mellencamp song way back in the dawn of time, the 80s :0) !!!

We just bought this house today, about 10 miles away from where my husband works in Nenagh, Co. Tipperary! For a very nice price, with lovely contents included...have to keep pinching myself. We will finally be together again sometime in June in a beautiful house!

My daughter Aine, age 3, LOVES this is pink, what is not to like!! It has been decorated by a professional decorator and was owned as a second house by a single man in Dublin who wants to move on.

I have been working on my DJ blocks, but have been overwhelmed with work, visitors and daily life, and house buying this week!!! Just wanted to share my good news and show you some of the house!

There is an unfinished 4th bedroom and a storage closet next to it...DH says that can be fabric/office closet, hee hee and bedroom can be an office/sewing studio!! Woo hoo!!

We also hope to add a conservatory (greenhouse) to it as well...and a herb garden and more berries again...and....

This house is perfect for displaying quilts, so will have to start making some wallhangings this year...can you tell I'm excited!!

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