April 8, 2006

Three Rows done...10 more to go!!

I am working as much as I can this month on my Dear Jane, even if it is sometimes just sashing just one block a night... Other days I get more time and I get more done, like yesterday...finished sewing Row C together and attached it to first two definitely helps me to match seams, doing this by hand. I am a demon for not pinning my machine pieced tops and just getting on with it, lopped off points, mismatched seams and all. I am learning slowly to be more patient...hand sewing is teaching me some of that patience!!

On the housing front, we got an offer after a viewing on Wednesday. They are coming back to look at it this afternoon, so gotta start cleaning soon. The offer was low, but if they meet us halfway, we'd be happy!!

Hope to work a bit later on the pieced backing to my flannel top, then I will sandwich that quilt and have 3 quilts ready for machine quilting the rest of this month. Going to have to get moving with those! Posted by Picasa

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