April 30, 2006

A Bit of Good News!

After camping out on my mac for a while, I am happy to say, we have bought a new computer and can finally get back to being a blogger again. I enjoy it, and feel a part of the quilting community by doing it, so it is nice to be back! I am going to start reading blogs again too, I've missed catching up on everyone's projects!

Well it finally happened. WE SOLD THE HOUSE!! And got just about what we had hoped for. We put an offer on a house we liked in Killaloe/Ballina, along the Shannon River outside of Nenagh, our new hometown... they decided they wanted 15,000 more for the house. Ummmmm...nope...don't think that is going to happen... so back to the drawing board for us, we may rent for a while...but we'll be back together again in June or so...6 months is a long time to be apart.

I need to update my quilting projects, and Barbara tagged me for this history thing, which should be fun to do...but for this first post back, I thought I'd show a goofy photo of my family out under the kids sun umbrella today... My mother in law is visiting and we went off to the beach today... We've also started cleaning out the attic and garage in preparation for much STUFF!! When we moved from Atlanta to Ireland we sold everything but my books and some family furniture and it all fit in a crate that was about 6 foot cubed... amazing how it all builds up again.

I've got six more blocks to attach to my Dear Jane and I will have 7 rows sewn together...hope to post a photo later tonight, so better get a move on! If I'm really lucky and on a roll I'll have the binding sewn down for my black and bright baby quilt too...
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