April 4, 2006

Look what the postman brought!!!

What a red letter day for me today! The lovely postman brought me some swap blocks, a huge stack of lovely CW and vintage squares that I traded with another Dear Janer and that huge pile of fabric and Jennifer Chiaverini tome (her first three books!) a wonderful friend sent to me as a surprise birthday present. I can't believe the amount of fat quarters she's showered me with and the huge did she know that Chiaverini novels were some of the few books in my quilting library!! This friend of mine was my best friend from kindergarten through to middle school, when she moved away... only about 20 minutes away, but that is the ends of the earth as a kid! Our mother's stayed friends over the years, and we kind of just drifted apart, never intentionally, just with different schools, different just happens.

We've kept in touch from time to time and now we both have two little girls and have gotten to know each other better again, as much as you can with busy lives and living on two different continents, LOL! I sent her newest baby this quilt last September and found out she'd just signed up for her first quilting class, woo hoo!! When I went to visit my folks in DC in November I went to visit her in Virginia and saw the wonderful quilts she'd done already and saw my imperfect, slightly wavy quilt hanging up on her wall in her living room above the baby's play pen. Wow. So she is bitten by the quilting bug and I am reaping the benefits...what a truly good friend! do I do something equally nice back for her... hmmmm.... Posted by Picasa

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