February 22, 2006

Sad Excuse for Progress

I've got the blue border on the wallhanging now, and started the scallop border, which I won't touch until after the quilting is done!

We had visitors again this weekend, and a christening, so I didn't get any quilting done at all. Now that I'm back on my own again during the week, I've been falling asleep on our sofa at crazy hours like 8:30pm... I think I'm 35 and over the hill!!!

We are hoping to sell our house as soon as we can, so when I get a call for a viewing (we've only had three since the start of the year, pretty sad!) I get stressed out trying to clean with 2 messing monsters, LOL, under my feet! We had a viewing yesterday which sounds promising. The woman liked the house and is bringing her husband to look at it, so keep your fingers crossed for us. The girls are finding it hard to say goodbye to daddy every Monday. My oldest understands on one level, but still wants her daddy. I'm looking forward to the day we can all be in the same house during the week again!! Posted by Picasa

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