December 5, 2010

I Brought Another Friend to the "Dark Side"

Well actually there is nothing dark about quilting, except maybe the excessive fondling of fabric and desire to buy enough to run your own shop! This is my friend Kathy. She raided my stash earlier this year and started cutting out squares for her autumnal quilt she is making for her daughter...We took a break for the entire summer but we have gotten to the binding stage now and she has even done free motion meandering on the border...she is a natural...just look at the lovely quilt she has made! That makes two of my "normal" momma friends brought into the fold, lol!

I've also gotten back into a craft I was doing before the girls were born: basket making! Our local art gallery runs classes and had a daylong workshop last Saturday. Here are some photos from our class and my finished basket. My biggest project was the girls moses basket they slept in, I am so proud of that one, but was a bit rusty with the new basket...I hope to keep doing some more if they hold the classes locally again.

Last week we were invited last minute to the party of one of Aisling's friends brother...his first birthday! I whipped up this bib for him as a little present from what I had on hand!

Aine needed a costume for the Nativity play they are doing this year, something that looked like it would be appropriate in ancient Bethlehem...I used some nice woven fabric I bought in Sweden and made up this basic costume...she seems happy enough, and I didn't have to shop for anything new!

I need to get a move on for a few presents for this year: a hat for my mother in law, some ornaments, something hand made for the girls...hopefully I'll be showing those in the next few weeks here! I am still working slowly away on quilting my drunkard's path wallhanging, nothing much new to show on that front.

A package arrived recently from a new crafty friend, Tracy, who I met through her Google search for Nicholas Mosse pottery and somehow found my website. She found some of the gorgeous and expensive Irish pottery at a yard sale for a few quarters...lucky woman! She so generously filled a box with this treasure trove: quilting fabric and magazines, some lovely antiques, stuffed owl teddies for the many nice things! Thank you so much. Crafty folks are the best!

Unfortunately my weight loss hasn't started, I just keep caving in and eating poorly out of pure is a real struggle at the moment! I hope I can get some progress made despite the Christmas season...before I have to buy bigger size clothes again, I refuse to do that!


Vicki W said...

You are a great ambassador!

Sarah said...

What a wonderful enabler! The bib and costume turn out great. You are such speed demon! Glad to see you are busy crafting. Basket weaving is in my to-do list too...whenever I can sneak some time out of course!

Ditto...Crafty folks are the best! And about the weight, do give yourself permission to be where you are...then move on, one baby-step at a time ^.^

Lori said...

Dark side--what a hoot. I have been doing hand applique--my best friend said I have deserted her for the dark side.

Heather @ The Beating Hearth said...

I keep telling myself that I refuse to buy anymore clothes in the size I am currently in because I have SOOOO many things just a size below. I'm working on it too. I've started doing Couch 2 5K we'll see how it goes.