November 25, 2008

My Head is Spinning!!

Have you ever had so many ideas in your head and started and stopped on a half dozen projects without focusing?? That has been me for the last while!

While killing time during the hour of Aine's Irish dance class last week, I did a shop hop in "downtown Ballina" the group of about five shops in our village on the Tipperary side of the river... Cross the Shannon River on the old stone bridge and you enter the metropolis of Killaloe, Co. Clare, approximately one minute's walk away (at least 2 streets with shops there!) I love my town/s and this is the first time I checked out some of the small gift shops. Look at the lovely wreath I found for 4 euros (6 dollars) at the local hardware shop. I found the cute stitchery at the little gift shop.
Goodies from Downtown Ballina Village
I also got this great group of gifties from Lissa in Australia. I sent her some triangles on a roll to try out, and some civil war repros, and I got Homespun, some yummy repros for me and a lovely drawstring bag with some goodies for the girls!
Goodies from Lissa in Australia!
I've also finished another angel for a swap, which will soon make its way to......???? It is a Tilda kit and is so pretty, I nearly want to keep it!
Angel Swap angel
I am also making a flock of these which are also a Tilda design. Can you tell I like her stuff?? These will be ornaments for patchwork friends.
Birdie Ornaments

I have started working on a table runner as well...kinda making it up as I go along...maybe tomorrow I will pick a project and focus on it... I've also tea dyed some muslin and am making some stuffed kitty softies for the girls for Christmas! Focus, must focus!!!
Table Runner


Vicki W said...

I never realized that you were near Co Clare. I am told that's where my ancestors are from! My Great Grandmother came from there and supposedly the family still lives on the same land. I have a short wool cape that she brought with her when she came from Ireland.

paulahewitt said...

Ha! apparently some of my rellies come from County Clare too.....but a long long time ago when they were transporting pickpockets over here (oh the i like your angel and bird - a garland of those birds would make a great christmas decoration

Lissa said...

g'day Cathi

glad the parcel turned up.. and yep, I get spinning head and eyes for new projects all the time!!! my rellies are from Cork, they had a 'free' trip to Australia, something about priests liking their silver teaspoons AND horse not being 'acquired'! LOL


Tracy said...

Oooo..treats all around there--lots of lovelies, Cathi! And I know how you're feeling right head feels like its going to burn off my shoulders there's so much brewing in it--LOL! Happy Days to you all as you play with your new goodies ((HUGS))

Karol-Ann said...

I am like that, most of the time!! Lovely goodies.

summersadie said...

It sounds like you live in a really neat place, with some really neat shops. Great finds!

Barbara said...

Oh boy, Cathi, if you find the secret of focusing, would you PLEASE let me in on it???

petits d├ętails said...

Your angel is so beautiful! Looks like a lot of work went into making her.

I, too, have a hard time focusing -- at this time of year, especially! Good luck with your projects in progress!

ruthsplace said...

I love your bird! I've got a bird pattern waiting to be cut and stuffed, hopefully this week.

Thimbleanna said...

Haha -- it IS that time of year for spinning heads. LOVE your little Tilda doll!

Karen said...

I love the wreath that you got - good price too!

Kerry said...

looks like you've been really busy getting ready for Christmas; I've been too busy to get ready; better get a move a long or it will be here before I know it! Would love to enter your giveaway! Looks like a great prize.