June 28, 2008

Home from Oz!!

Daddy is home and has been asleep since 3pm!! Kids will hopefully get a day to play with him tomorrow, lol, cuz then we're all off to Dublin and DH is off to Brussels for work Sunday night! We leave for Oregon on Wednesday morning, leaving the car for DH to pick up again on his way home from Brussels. Nuts. Crazy. But what can you do!  I don't regret going home to be with my folks this year, though we'll miss DH. This is going to be my first 4th of July Stateside since 1997, so I am looking forward to it. My cousins and and Aunt and Uncle (dad's sister) rent beach houses at Lincoln City, OR and it sounds great!!

First of all I want to say a HUGE thank you to Janet, a great Australian designer and blogging buddy. She not only sold me some of her gorgeous patterns (and some great ones of her friend Cath of Willow Valley Store as well, cute buttons and notions too!), bought me some great magazines and threw in some awesome goodies for me, mom and the girls... but also went to Foothills Fabric shop and collected some great books and goodies for me and sent them to my husband's hotel so he didn't have to spend a day on the train getting stuff for me (though bless him, he was willing to do it for the adventure!) She went above and beyond and for that I am really grateful. I really hope the next time you are back in Ireland that we do get a chance to meet! Come down to Killaloe, we'll have a chat and I'll bring you over to meet the local patchwork girls! Leanne Beasley kindly went to the trouble to sign her two books for me and I got a very early copy of Rosalie Quinlan's book Gift signed as well. Thank you very much ladies, you all are amazing designers!! And I am a very happy girl. And Lynette, I got the buttons to make your Saltbox Sampler as I am all set! I think I may have to visit Australia some day to meet all these talented and FRIENDLY folks!! Have a look at all the goodies Dave brought home...and my necessary tea towel and fridge magnet for the collection!
Books and Patterns
Buttons Fabrics and stitcheries
Lots of Aussie Quilt Mags
Tea Towel and Magnet standard souvenir requests!!

Here is my last photo of my DJ till the Sister's Show, I promise. I like the look of it at the bottom of my bed! Please ignore the over stuffed bookshelf, we need to buy a new one, I can't give away books!
Dear Jane at home

Aine and Aisling came to my last Wednesday patchwork group as Tuesday was the last day of school for them. Look at Aine's concentration working on sewing her little quilt!
Aine Hard at Work!!
Aine and Aisling at Patchwork Group

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The Chocolate Cat said...

What fantastic goodies your DH brought home from his trip! Glad to see there was a teatowell among them!! (mum visits uk yearly and always brings me back a good selection of tea towells!)Homespun is my favorite quilting magazine at the moment, hope you enjoy it. Have a safe trip to Oregon and treasure every moment you have with your family there. Hopefully there is a little parcel from Australia waiting for you!!

Lissa said...

Oh my gosh! your DH spoiled you!!!! my mum used to always find me a silver charm for my bracelet on holidays, so I treasure my charm bracelet (one has over 200 charms on it)..
have a safe trip to the US!

who hasn't seen 'Gift' in the flesh yet, but can't wait!

Barbara said...

WoW! Did your DH need to hire a porter to help him with all that? ;)

Jane Weston said...

I love that picture of your daughter sewing. How old is she and how did you get her started? My DD2 is 5 and I've never tried her with a needle and thread...I wonder of I should.

Your picture of your DJ on the bed looks so inviting..books and all. I'm assuming you'll be attending the Sister's show with your quilt? Hope you take lots of pictures to share with us :o) Have a safe journey.

Beth said...

We never get tired of seeing your Dear Jane, at least I don't. It's a major accomplishment to finish one of those! I can't wait to see it in person. I'll have to find that store it's in when I'm at the quilt show. I can't wait, hope we get a chance to at least say hi and get a picture together maybe. Take care.

Chookyblue said...

Aussies really are just the best but I am not bias.......we are a friendly helpful bunch........

Cheri said...

Your DJ looks perfect at the foot of your bed! It's the sort of thing you should see and use all the time. What an accomplishment to have made one!

Marica said...

Wow, what a great presents your DH had to you.. Good luck with them all!

anne bebbington said...

Just love the picture of your little girlies stitching away - indoctrinate them young I reckon - that way they'll have their very own DJ by the time they're 20 and won't have to squabble over yours :o)))

susan shepard said...

I hope you have a FABULOUS time in Oregon. I love Lincoln City! We had a friend with a beachhouse there and spent many happy days wandering the shore.

Your DH is a very wonderful man for bringing you all those fabulous goodies.

Aine and Aisling could be the poster children for adorable.

Thimbleanna said...

Wow! You lucky girl -- what a wonderful bunch of goodies. I should have been so smart as to ask my son to pick up some stuff for me -- but then, DH's have been properly trained and young men have not LOL. I hope you have a wonderful time with your family and have a fabulous 4th!

Janet - Wildcraft Farm said...

Cathi, I was very happy to spend the day shopping for you, it felt a bit like Christmas gathering everything up. I must mention that my DH was also involved in the grand plan, he went to Catherine Baynes home and collected her bits and pieces, I think he could relate to a quilting husband on an overseas trip, who still had to get the wife her supplies. I think you have enough projects there to last a long long time, I hope your Mum likes the Quilt Card - I just thought it was appropriate. Have a spectacular time away, talk to you soon, Your Aussie Irish Lass, Janet xxx

Janet - Wildcraft Farm said...

PS - I'll take you up on the offer to come visit your quilting group, possibly 2010, check if you're free then!!! Janet xx

janet gordon said...

What a lucky lady! So many toys to play with - you will have ots of fun. By now you are in Oregon - hope you enjoy every moment with your family.
Janet in Nova Scotia, Canada

Lynette Anderson said...

Hey Cathie,
Dear Jane looks wonderful on your bed, although I cant wait to see the pictures of it hanging at sisters. I am so glad that you managed to get the buttons for Saltbox Sampler. I hope that you trip goes well, enjoy hugging your family.