November 11, 2006

Slippers and the Start of Fabric Reorganization Drive!

Here are the slippers I made along with Barbara in our cyber craft along yesterday! I bought the fabric in Sweden, I love it!

Here is most of my fabric stash, most of it is scraps! But even I can have too many scraps! I can't bring myself to throw away any reproduction scraps, but I think I will be turning my big pile of unsorted scraps into a few pillows soon! I figure that I haven't made any crumb or string quilts ever, even though I hope to in the future, so keeping a small amount will be enough to get some done in the future, as we all know they reproduce in the dark anyway! I am sorting my fabric scraps by color, thinking I might do some color coordinated scrap quilts in the future. I thought about it for a while, contemplating sorting by size or by color, but I think color will work for me... What works best for you? Posted by Picasa

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