November 9, 2006

New Look

Barbara asked if I could help do a new look for her blog yesterday, so we started working on a new clean look for the blog. I had been meaning to do the same with mine after admiring many crafting blogs with beautiful banners round the blogosphere... So...after working on her layout for a while, I got inspired to change my banner and layout is still a work in progress, but so far I am liking the change.

My husband returns tomorrow from his business trip, so I am hoping for some good quilting time this weekend, in between a kids party and an antique fair in Limerick. I hope to recharge my batteries this weekend and get back into the crafting groove!

Gonna go try to knit a few rows on my mom's scarf now!

P.S. Pam and Elizabeth, please email me your addresses so I can post out my little gifties to you, I hope before the end of the year! Any other takers on the swap? I am thinking of making a hand pieced Dear Jane block christmas ornament as my gift....still 2 places left on my swap!! Kate, you know I have your address, lol!

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