September 23, 2006

Second Border On!

My DH is somewhere behind that quilt, is harder and harder to photograph it now, as it is so big!

I have started on the next border and hope to plow ahead. I don't think I'll be getting out my sewing machine for new projects for a while, so I hope my blog doesn't become too boring, but with the move and a self-imposed deadline to finish my DJ top by the end of October, I will be focusing on hand work on the DJ and the crazy quilt round robin. I want to really make sure that the sewing room/office turns out great, so it will be the last room to be tackled as we mull over furniture and layout...

Thanks for the lovely comments about one of my two cutie pies. Hey Shelina, she wasn't cold, LOL, just a little windswept up there on the hilltop!! Weather is still quite nice here for the moment! Posted by Picasa

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