April 14, 2009

Catching Up!

Folk Art Easter quilt top
It is a day late for Easter and it is only a top, but heck, I am working at a slower pace these days, trying to enjoy my crafts and not guilting myself if I don't finish thing by a self-assigned deadline!  It is very naive/imperfect/primitive and drawn by hand from motifs I have liked from other quilts and folk art... I like it, but how should I quilt it?

Katy's Socks DONE!
And look, Katy's socks are finally done!! We did a little swap and she finished 2 cross stitch samplers for me before I got her socks done. Here is a package I got from her that shows the latest cute sampler she sent me, another part of the inspiration for my quilt! She also added some cool cut-outs in pretty papers for me to use in card making, so nice!
I also did a few quick baby onesies for a friend who we visited last week...forgot to take a photo of the onesies before I packed them up in their cute little gift basket...
Baby Vests for Fionn
When I got out of hospital I was surfing blogs as I always do, and came across a link to The Vintage Pearl. She hand stamps these lovely necklaces, and Dave got this for me as a mother's day pressie. Isn't it lovely?
New Necklace

I also finally finished the quilting on my cousins quilt, it is designed for a specific room to match the colors in there and fit an area behind her sofa. I did a Missouri Star for her since she lives in St. Louis, the blue border is great, has the words family, friendship, love...very appropriate... and I even quilted some shamrocks into it, lol! The colors are based on a Navajo blanket she had in her room. Hope you like it Col!!
Col's Quilt DONE!

LOSER UPDATE: I am up to 181.2, which means I am still down 10 lbs despite my side track with my hospital stay and MS diagnosis. I hope you fellow losers can be patient with me, as I still plan on really joining back in the next few weeks, but am not quite  ready yet.

I am going on a trip next week to visit Barbara and Katy, I can't wait!! A week without the girls with crafting, shopping, sightseeing in Stockholm and a show (Wicked!) in London's West End. A bit of mommy recharging time, just what the doctor ordered. And the doc told me to wait till returning from the trip to start my injections...something I am not looking forward to, but will use it as a line in the sand for starting my healthier eating regime, trying to cut out as much processed food as I can, i.e. junk food, my favorite stuff!!

And just because I don't have enough photos in this post, here are several more of the girls.  Mommy did a bit of bunny crafting with the girls and our little neighbor one day, I find these masks slightly disturbing, but the girls had a great time making me make lots of stuff for them, lol!
Here is the one decent photo I got of the girls doing their easter egg hunt Easter morning.
Easter Morning Egg Hunt
And finally, my big girl Aine learned how to swim and ride her bike last week, all within days of each is the biker girl!


Kate said...

yeah, socks - I'm so excited to see them in a bit over a week - I mean, I'm so excited to see YOU in a bit over a week, lol

Vicki W said...

Wow, you've been busy! Your cousin's quilt turned out great. The Easter pics are adorable, although, I agree that the masks are a little disturbing. But they were having fun and this will be a great photo to show off at their weddings!

rachel said...

you've been one busy lady.

the sock are too cute.
and i like how your cousins little quilt turned out.

i hope you have lots o' fun having grown up girl bonding time.
{wicked is AMAZING by the way!!!}

and the girls looks SO cute with their baskets.

p.s. i LOVE the necklace. i think i need one of those now.

colleen said...

I love the looks of my quilt and I can't wait to see it in person :). your chocolate chips will be on their way thursday! i'm embarassed to say that I didn't know a missouri star existed!
have a great girls weekend. should be great fun. good luck with the diet. maybe just try to cut things out a few at a time so you're not overwhelmed and feel deprived. that's how i gave up drugs (just kidding)

Mary-Kay C. said...

Have a great trip and enjoy Wicked. I saw Wicked 3 years ago and loved it. Some of my family (12 of them) went to see it after Christmas at the Detroit Opera House and they all loved it too. Have a great time!!

Dawn Hay said...

Wow you have been busy and I love your bunny block,and yeh pink socks...Girls look like they had a wonderful easter.....Have a fab time away...Lucky girl...enjoy the trip.
Hugs Dawn x

kathie said...

learning to swim and ride a bike in the same week! Wow what an accomplishment she must be so proud of herself!
LOVE those pink socks!
your little bunny quilt is adorable...hmmm how to quilt it?
I think I would just grid it and let the applique be the focus.
maybe with pearle cotton, utility stitch?
add to the folk art look?
glad you are still working on your crafts and a week away ahh what a dream!

Barbara said...

What a great post, Cathi! Congratulations to Aine on mastering both biking and swimming! And your crafting is always such a delight to admire. Your new Easter quilt top is stunning - I love the naive design! :D Have a great trip!!!

Debbie said...

Hi, You have accomplished more than me lately! Wicked is an awesome play. We saw it on Broadway and LOVED it. Enjoy your trip with your friends. You deserve it! Debbie

Thimbleanna said...

The girls look so cute -- looks like they had a wonderful Easter. How great to have a get-away -- I hope you have a wonderful time!

Celine said...

Hi Cathy!
Enjoy your quality time away. I hope you'll have a great trip. We could almost had met up somewhere if you are stopping in London! Maybe next time then.
Take care
Celine in UK

Tracy said...

Hi, Cathi! Lots of goodies there, in spite of all that's been happening--you are a crafting wonder! :o) Love your quilt/applique in progress. Some kind of simple quilting would probably be best on that, you think? It has so much charm already. LOVE those socks--just fresh, juicy color! Your girls are beauties...they look so Easter happy. Those necklaces for them are lovely--modern elegance. Great news about your get-away soon...Do you good. Have a splendid time! ((HUGS))

The Chocolate Cat said...

Gosh I think you have been very busy. Love your bunny quilt top! Enjoy your few days away.

ruthsplace said...

Gorgeous finishes! Especially those socks.

You are doing awesome with the weight loss.

I have to thank you for getting me started too.

Micki Butler said...

Your blog is wonderful! i see that you are still working on the DJ quilt.It is stunning.I also love to knit, and am making socks now.
I enjoyed reading your posts!
In Ireland