October 17, 2008

Golf Widows Sewing Retreat!!

Last Friday DH left for 3 days of golfing, and I got down to work!! Don't worry, I still managed to feed the kids and even go on some walks to clean up the rubbish on the roads (Aine's idea to tidy up the environment, so cute!!). I managed to get several projects finished and even a few project started and finished over last weekend!! Tell me, why is it easier sometimes to be more productive without "help" from DH :)

First two long term project finishes!! My ocean waves quilt top!!
Ocean Waves Top Complete

And the first of the pink to start and finish the second one before Christmas!!
First Marilinda Sock done, but...when will I get the next one done??

I also decided to make some jack o lantern bags for the girls to bring on our trip to London (to see Katy and family!) during our midterm break at Halloween. (We are also spending 3 days in Paris at Disneyland for the kids!!) I made up the bags as I went along and they are machine quilted and using up scraps of batting. I wouldn't want them compared to really nicely finished bags but they are lined and have strong but not perfect straps...and are cute :) I had the girls design their own faces for the pumpkins and I translated them to fabric...Aine's is the scarier one! I used strips of halloween fabric I got from someone ( I can't remember who anymore, how sad am I?) so the backs of the bags are cute too.
Patchwork Pumpkin Trick or Treat Bags

With scrap strips from the Halloween fabrics I inserted a muslin center and downloaded a halloween stitchery I traced the design over the weekend and started stitching this week.
Halloween Stitchery

I also made a pillow out of a hand quilted motif I did at a class in April when I was visiting mom in Bend. I used tons of small squares in the same variegated colors of the quilting thread for the back. I like how it turned out!!
Quilted Pillow Back of Pillow

Not to mention I built the two Ikea bookcases and a drawer unit from my successful shopping trip that DH didn't get around to making during his evenings home during the week. And made homemade (can't buy pancake mix here!) pancakes and sausage dinner for the girls one night, and did our little walks and litter collections...and kept the house tidy...very productive few days I had!!!

Of course, once the week starts I am off and running again and it took me till this weekend to get this blog post sorted...Only have worked on the stitchery in found moments this week, and catching up with the emails in my inbox. I really appreciate all the comments and encouragement from everyone and hope that you all continue to visit, even if my blog posting is fairly sporadic at the moment!!

Haven't given an update on mom in a while. She is finished all treatment and the cancer is gone, may it never return!! Her hair is growing back in and she is so much better within herself, getting out on her own, having a lot morre energy... I am so glad she is in a better place these days. Love you mom!!

I hope to do some shopping on my own tomorrow when DH is here with the kids...need to get a new laundry basket and a new basket  for their dressing up clothes...not thrilling but a little retail therapy on my own will do no harm at all. I hope to layer and quilt the halloween stitchery this weekend as well...and work on the angel story quilt...very slow progress there.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!! I'll leave you with the crazy poses the girls did with the sock when I got it out to take a photo of it.
Supermodel Poses (and marilinda sock)


heather said...

That was a really productive weekend! Love the ocean waves quilt.

Mamaspark said...

Your ocean waves quilt is spectacular! Where were you able to download the stitchery pattern?

lisakingsley said...

What a productive weekend. I'm glad to hear your mom is doing so much better. What a fantastic answer to prayer.

Rosaline said...

OMG I need a coffee break. I'm exhausted having read everything you did in such a short period of time! I really like the ocean waves quilt, and those bags; too cute.

paulahewitt said...

The ocean waves quilt looks fabulous....and the bags and cushions. DH should go golfing more often...

Lissa said...

wow.. you should send him away more often! the ocean waves is stunning!!! I dont 'do' triangles so well, so something like this quilt would have the palms sweating and shaking! LOL


Barbara said...

Please send me some of your energy pills!!!

Seriously, wow, you've been so incredibly productive and creative and ... everything!!

Vicki W said...

I'm exhausted just reading it all! Your OW quilt is beautiful!

Kate said...

the quilt is fantastic and the halloween treat bags are so cute, the girls will treasure them someday.

cher said...

fantastic ocean waves quilt Cathi! and the Halloween bags are cute- I made one for one of my nephews long ago-what a lot of work it was but so worth it in the end! nice to catch up with all that you have been doing- love the pink sock!

Karol-Ann said...

Great quilt, gorgeous bags and stitchery... You have been busy. I think I get much more sewing done when DH is away (No-one to check whether I'm doing laundry, cleaning the house etc etc LOL)

Connie W said...

How nice to catch up with what's happening in your life. Those trick-or-treat bags are oh-so-cute. Wow, going to Paris to Disneyland, that sounds like utter delight.
Glad your mom is so much better! Gorgeous quilt.

Mary said...

Hey Cathi:
Just caught up with your blog after a long absence. I am wondering what kind of notebook/mini computer you have and who offers options on the exterior finish such as you have? Had a great time visiting your folks. We managed several outings, long and short. To Crater Lake and a bit of shopping and a movie (Secret Life of Bees--loved it) Mary

colleen said...

i wish i were that handy. those bags were really cute! perhaps you could send me that oceans quilt. i'd like to have one like that=just kidding.
take pictures at disneyworld.
sara, barbara and i are going to italy next march. i'm excited

The Quilting Pirate said...

wow, you are always busy! I love the name of the retreat!

What great fall items!!

Sarah said...

Holy Moly. You never cease to amaze me in your creativity and talent. I have been wanting to start some quilting projects. So far, it's only in my head. I just can't seem to get started YIKES. The Ocean Wave is gorgeous. And the halloween bags are to die for. And the pillows. Boy, I am speechless. They are all so inspiring...just so like you, Cathi. The girls are joyous. We really miss you all. Yes, I love the pink socks and do love to have the PDF!

Patti said...

So very glad to hear that good news about your mom!

The ocean waves quilt is stunning!

susan shepard said...

Wow, you do keep busy. I like Aine's idea for cleaning things up. My mom and youngest son sometimes go on what they call "litter patrol" around the neighborhood collecting trash in a plastic bag.

That's a great sock.

Did I mention you have very cute daughters?

ruthsplace said...

I'm so thrilled to hear that your mum is doing so great!

Congrats on the ocean waves quilt top! It's really fabulous.

The pink sock is adorable, as are your two models.

Sandra said...

Hey Cathi

I would love to make your ocean waves quilt. Can you tell me what size are your half square triangle? Do you know what yardage is required for the backround fabric?