September 10, 2008


I have been away for far too long, but we made it home safely from America after a fun road trip to see cousins and friends. The airplane trip was long and not as great as the one over, but the girls and I survived and I got my Featherweight home in my carryon with no major hassles at one even opened the box!! Amazing. Here are the "few" things I scored on my trip to the States. A lot of the FQs are for the girls...from a bargain bin and very ugly, eek!!

I managed to finish AIne's socks since returning home. Sarah, can I borrow the needles a little longer to make Aisling's pair?? I have to figure out how to do toe up socks on two circs again all by myself, scary!! It was great having Sarah and the knitting group in Bend to help me out this summer!!

Stina, can you believe that I have finally started the Angel Story quilt?? The bond-a-web, vliesofix, wonder under, heat and bond stuff I bought in the States has not worked at all...I remember buying the cheapest wonderunder stuff before and having no issues, went for heat and bond (more money) and it hasn't worked at all...reduced to using craft glue for temporary adhesion till I can get to local quilting lady. What is the best to use for machine applique?? I'd love some tips. Also, do most folks use pencils for tracing stitcheries?? And what about the bits that are on the fabrics that are appliqued, do you just draw them in by eye?? I am such a novice to this type of quilting and the book has basic info but I'd love any good tips from other stitchers!!
Here is my little lap desk I will use downstairs to hold the stitcheries in for livingroom sewing. Can you see my cool new little computer? It is the size of a paperback book and runs Windows XP, I love it!! I got a design put on the top of it, such a geek am I!! Can you see my applecore quilt on it?

I'll leave you with a photo of a sad demise. My favorite water bottle I used all summer from the Sisters quilt show...I guess Irish dishwashers are set a little higher?? I has become a little mangled. Wonder if I can still get one of these from the Stitchin' Post ?? I'd love another one!!


Hope to get back to weekly or more posting soon, and more family photos and updates. The girls are adjusting well to school. AIne has already been to 2 birthday parties (we're not back 2 weeks yet!) and has 2 more in the next week...geesh!! Aisling is not too keen on her new montessori but is slowly adjusting and has a friend or two now. Me, I am starting Weight Watchers again tonight and hoping to stick with it this time. Patchwork group is great, and I will be doing a little class on hand piecing for the local ladies so that will be fun...

Hope everyone is doing well!!


rachel said...

yayyy for getting home safely!!!

i can't believe the airport never even opened your featherweight. how funny.

i think that the apple core design on your computer is SO darn cute.

welcome back.

Barbara said...

Welcome home again! :D

Looking forward to lots more great posts from you!

Karol-Ann said...

Welcome back! Cool puta! And great socks!!

Patti said...

I HATE the fusibles available now! I used to use Wonder Under, but found it separated when it wasn't very old. I threw away a bunch of it - what an expensive waste! So I bought Heat 'n Bond light, followed the directions EXACTLY, and it comes off almost right away. What I bonded to Lily's quilt a couple days ago is already starting to peel off before I've hardly started my hand stitching. The best I've ever used was Aileen's brand - bought it at The Stitchin' Post I think - but it's not been made for quite a few years. I sure wish I could find a good one!

Congrats to you going back to Weight Watchers. Good luck - you'll do fine as long as it's what you really want. I lost another 2.2 pounds this week!

Karen said...

Cute little computer. I like the fabric you selected for the Angel Story. I think I will treat myself to that pattern. I hand applique, so I can't help you. Sorry. I have only tried fusibles once (so far) and found that it peeled up easily.

summersadie said...

I've only made one applique quilt, and was so frustrated with the fusible webs I tried, I'm dreading starting my next one. I have this adorable applique pattern, I just don't want the frustration again. I tried several supposedly good ones and none worked. My only mild success was with steam-a-seam. the first package I used work great, but the second didn't work at all. Maybe it has an expiration? If you find a good one, please please please let me know.

Susan said...

I agree with Patti on the Aleene's. Fortunately, I bought a bolt of it before it was all gone, so I still have a little. You might try Stitch Witchery. I used some of that on a project last fall and it was better than anything else I'd tried. There's also something called Misty Fuse - a little more expensive, but definitely worth it, since Aleene's isn't made now.

I love seeing your little FW sitting there. =) If you didn't throw the cup away already, you might try heating it in the microwave, see if you can smush it back into shape?

Dionne said...

Oh My Goodness, but what a great haul!!

But I must say, I have the exact same water bottle. I mean, mine even suffered from the same shrinking, dishwasher-induced transformation.

Clare said...

Great to have you back on this side of The Pond. What a haul!

Good luck with the Weightwatchers.

Anne Bebbington said...

Great to see you back in circulation - how quickly the summer passes

Sarah said...

We've just returned to my inlaws in Eugene after spending 5 days away near Lincoln City. It was glorious and the kids enjoyed every bit about the retreat as last year's. Time flies when we are all having fun--just too short. We will be here for another day and going back to Bend tomorrow night. Shayna has her first job interview at 7 pm.

Glad you've made it home and settling down. I still admire your bargain finds! As for the needles, PLEASE KEEP THEM for sovenir. Make as many pair of socks as you would like/need for the angels.

Thanks again for a fun summer hanging out together!


Ann J said...

Welcome 'Home' Cathy! Tried to answer your mail about Brittany, but kept getting 'bounced', will retry a lttle later when you've settled down!......Luv AJ

The Chocolate Cat said...

What a lovely lot of goodies you brought home!

ruthsplace said...

Glad to see you home safely! The socks are beautiful. How did you get that design on to your computer? I want one!!

susan shepard said...

You did well on your purchases, and I'm impressed you got the sewing machine home as easily as you did.

I love those socks!

Stina said...

So...good to hear from you... and welcome home!!!
And I love your start of the Angels... Hmmm sorry to hear that the bond you are using doesn´t web good enough...

Guess we use a different type here in Sweden...i´ts just called vlisofix...but I can say it´s problem with that one too... it separates very easily...aarrgghh.. but when it´s webbed it sticks until you have stitched the pieces!!

I have used machine button hole applique on my angels...was too lazy for needleturn this time... and I use a pigma pen for my stitchery...and yes I draw the tiny little details by eye... they are not so many...;o)
I wish you good luck ...!!!

Chris said...

Hi, I'm from California. I visited Ireland in 2005 and loved the country.
Wow! What a great deal you got on the Featherweight! You are so lucky!
What kind of a quilt is on your laptop? Is it fabric?
I use Heat&Bond and have never had a problem with it. Maybe the stuff you used was old.
I also visited Sisters, Oregon quilt show in July of 2006. Isn't that a fantastic show!
Glad you had a good trip to the states.

Dawn said...

Glad you are back in the swing of things Cathy.... And that you had a fab time in the Staes.....Vlisofix is what I use and only buy it in small amounts as the life of the stuff is short...I spoke to a rep who sells it to my work and they say that they have changed the way its made now so it should do a better job and I must say the last lot I bought was when I went to Loxton and is still ok....rolled up and put in a cardboard tube for safe keeping.
Hugs to all.
Dawn x x

Tracey said...

Thankyou for such a wonderfull blog, glad you got home safe and enjoyed your time away,
Take care

Irene said...


Irish irons heat up more than American irons. When you use a fusible like Heat and Bond, if the heat is high or the iron is left on too long, the fusible will not fuse. Also, try just using fusible around the edges (about 1/2 inches to 3/4 inches wide) and trim the rest away. It keeps the nice hand of the fabric.

If you are building a layer with fusibles, use a teflon sheet or parchment paper to pre-assemble.

If you want to try a few different fusibles, just let me know.


Julie said...

Love your computer cover! Looks like you had a wonderful shopping trip.

cher said...

glad to catch your blog and know that you are home safe and sound-cute computer and lovely bargins-that fw is great-glad you were able to bring one back with you

Danetta said...

You got some nice bargains.
Stop by and take a look at my giveaway that starts 10/1. There are about 40 people giving quilty things away. Good luck!

Yvonne aka sommeke said...

Hi Cathy,
Love the fabrics for your Angels!
Just like Stina, I used Vliesofix and a Pigma pen and I too drawed the little details on the appliqué pieces by eye. But I did not use the machine (too diffucult for me) but buttonhole-stitched by hand.
It 's such a nice relaxing work!


colleen said...

Cathi, if you need sock needles...I have a ton...and can't knit socks! let me know.