November 13, 2007

Looks Like It Could Be Serious!

Free Motion Quilting foot
Thank you so much everyone for the great suggestions. I changed thread to match top and bottom, quilted slowly, changed needles, cleaned out the bobbin...cleaned everywhere I could! But it is still skipping intermittently. Plus when I looked at the free motion foot above, there is a groove from the needle on one of the sides. Definitely not a good sign. I will be bringing my little Pfaff in for a service tomorrow!
Binding on Dad's Quilt

The straight stitching is still working fine though, so I got the binding sewn on to my dad's quilt, along with a hanging sleeve. I also started on mom's present. If the machine is gone for a while, I'll at least be able to use my newly refurbished Singer treadle hopefully for straight stitching, after Dave helps me set it back into its desk and attach the cord for the treadle! Here it is at homme waiting to go back in its desk...with some sample sewing under the needle done by the repairman, woo hoo!!
Treadle Machine Fixed!

I got some wonderful fabrics yesterday from Colleen in South Africa! Between herself and Ruth, I think I can make a huge indigo fabric quilt! I sent her some Dear Jane things and she sent these in trade. I was expecting a few pieces, but Colleen this is above and beyond generous. Thank you so much!!
Indigos from Colleen!

I am on the last row of my Dear Jane! If I get into it, I might finish this week, but more likely with Aine's birthday party on Saturday, it might be next week! You can see the triangles I will quilt next on the edge of the frame :).
Last Row of Quilting!

I also have 2 Dear Jane blocks I did years ago at the wrong size for my quilt, but in the proper original size of 4.5 inches finished. I am offering them here to any Dear Janer that might like a few blocks for their own Dear Jane from a crazy American woman living in Ireland!! I hope that someone will take them, they've been hanging around here for a while!
DJ Blocks

I am running around this week like crazy: ordered Dave's 40th cake, made sure we could have party at his mom's place in Dublin (all the family is up there, and seemed easier to go there than make all them come here!), got makings for Aine's cake, and ordered turkey and organized dishes for Thanksgiving. Today I need to get plates, cutlery, tablecloths and goodies for Aine's requested pinata. I think I will make a simple one here at home, one that is easier for 5 year olds to break open, lol!! She wanted Snoopy invitations, so we designed those together, and I'll try to do up a simple Snoopy Pinata as well...will give a report on Saturday or Sunday after the party!

Best get the day started, have to pack up the sewing machine, make lunches, dress girls and get going!!


anne bebbington said...

Cathi - those indigos are awesome - you lucky girl. Maybe your Pfaff just needs to go on a holiday to the service engineers - hope you get it sorted out, it's so frustrating when you want to get on with things but your machine won't play nicely

ruthsplace said...

Great looking indigos! I can't believe you're almost finished the DJ.

Hope Aine's party goes well, we always had homemade pinata's for birthdays, one year mum made it so tough we couldn't break it and she had to run around the yard throwing the goodies in the air lol

Connie W said...

I hope that the Pfaff people can get your problem solved quickly. Your Dear Jane is looking so beautiful. You are moving along nicely.

Verry Sherry said...

Best luck with the machine. Always nice to sew on a recently-serviced machine!
and birthday bliss! Enjoy them both.

Karol-Ann said...

You soundf manic! I have been too - we leave in 2 weeks (or less!!) Keep wanting to read, and comment, but something always happens, i need a holiday LOL.
Nice pics of quilts - good luck with the machine too.

Beth said...

Your dad's quilt is coming right along! It looks just like the real thing! I have decided to go to Bend in February instead of December, maybe less snow then. Your DJ is gorgeous! Such patience you have, I did a whopping 4 blocks and stopped. Maybe someday I'll give it a try again. Happy birthday to Dave and Aine!

Lucy Locket said...

Have fun with the party and good luck with the sewing machine(s)! Lucy x

Sonnja said...

Lovely bleu blocks
Kind regards,

Sonnja, from the Netherlands

Tracy said...

Hope all goes well getting your machine up and quilting again! The indigo quilt is going to be wonderful--love the monochromatic scheme. DJ--almost done, what a milestone! Happy weekend to you & yours ((HUGS))

Lynda said...

Sorry you didn't manage to resolve your sewing problems, and hope the sewing machine repair man has a quick turnaround. It's like losing your left leg having your sewing machine not available. At least you have back up. Fantastic selection of indigoes, by the way. Love the one of Nelson Mandela (it'll be a boon for quilt historians in the future, when lookig at someone's heirloom quilt!)