October 4, 2007

A Day in the Life

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the comments on my last post. Last week was a very analytical and pensive, and I just felt all these thought weighing me was nice to share them with fellow bloggers.

One of the nice things many said was that they enjoyed hearing about the girls and seeing our little slice of life in Ireland, so today I've been taking photographs along the way to show you a typical crazy day in our lives, a Wednesday...when mommy gets some time to go to patchwork group!

So our day begins at 8am. My girls used to be early risers, but now that we have to be at school for a certain time, I have to wake them usually. This is how I found them this morning...
Sleepy AineSleepy Aisling

After waking and getting them dressed for school, Aisling told me that she wants to be a My Little Pony when she grows up...a flutterpony called Royal Rose specifically. Might be a bit difficult, but I never prevent my kids from dreaming, lol! Aine decided she'd like to be Snoopy when she grows up...this is a change from her usual career: shopkeeper at Tesco (big supermarket chain!). Reach for the stars girls!!  This lead to them asking me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I said a mommy, but Aine reminded me that I said I wanted to be a chef last night (after saying to Dave that I was having fun doing new recipes lately...).  She said, "a chef in a good restaurant", I asked for clarification and she said, "you know, like McDonalds", Aisling chimed in with Burger King, lol. Can you tell where my kids like to have their lunch treat the weeks we go into town for a bit of shopping!

I usually walk Aine down to the bottom of our hill where the school is, a few minutes walk away. The heavens decided to open up on us by the time we got to school, but Aisling and I eventually made it back home, a little soaked but not too bad!

After getting home Aisling and I got into the car and I dropped her at her montessori. She loves it this year, usually running into the class to start the day...a nice change from last year when she used to cling to my leg! Amazing how much difference a few months make.

Our patchwork group meets every Wednesday morning. It is a great group of people a good mix of ages and abilities, and we help each other with basting, with ideas, today we helped with color placement for a bear paw quilt. I was really lucky to find this group!
Quilting Group

I took my applecore quilt to work on today but I head to head off early to send some packages to some friends!! I hope they like them when they arrive.

I was also able to pick up a package from Beth. Look at all this gorgeous sock yarn she generously sent me!! I had to make her let me send a few quilting magazines in return. Thank you so much!! I promised her I would knit pink socks for the girls with the gorgeous pink cotton yarn she sent!

Great Package from Beth

After the post office it was time to pick up Aisling from school and headed home for a bit, got some boring housework done and started on a Dear Jane block.

We were invited up at 2:30 to a friends house, so headed up there. I was able to chat away and knit on some Tribbles. I got quite a bit done. I will be making these bath scrubbies for gifts at Christmas this year, along with some handmade soap.

Aine went home with a friend for a bit and then she was dropped off at the house Aisling and I were visiting, as that mommy is a friend as well... All the girls played together well. Notice that the torrential downpour gave way to glaring sun later in the day!! Not an untypical Irish day...
Playing with friends

Headed home to get dinner started around 5, fajitas tonight! I am finally getting a decent routine for girls are so picky, so anything they like becomes part of the weekly menu plan. Fajitas aren't their favorites, but on a Monday I do spaghetti, Tuesday roast chicken, so Wednesday is spicy fajitas for the parents, and leftover chicken and plain pasta for the girls...

Our little neighbor came over after dinner for a while and the girls had a great time playing on the trampoline...
Trampoline Time

Then finally it was time for bed: Barbie and Swan Lake was tonight's story.

I got my 2 Dear Jane blocks quilted for today (seeing if I can do 2 blocks a day this week), and even managed to finish quilting my applecore quilt, what a great feeling! And I love love love the baptist fan quilting pattern...will have to do that again.
2 more DJ quilts
Applecore is Finished!Baptist Fan it

Now it is way too late at night, so I better turn in. Tomorrow is knitting group and it starts all over again. Was a good day for the kids and for mommy today! If you made it down here, thanks for reading!


Hazel Pembleton said...

I love hearing about your kids your Irish life and most of all your DJ Quilts. Not so many people writing about those quilts now and I have just started mine! It is nice to be able to see peoples color choices for the blocks. Keep up the Good Work !!!!!

Sarah said...

Thank you so much for posting about your slice of Ireland!
My greatest desire is to travel more often and see the more little bits of the world. All the wonderful blogs from all over the world give me a taste of that 'other'. And the chance to read the stories of other women, just living their lives is really a wonderful gift.
Thank you for sharing.
And of course- the cute kid-pics are fantastic and funny. I especially like the bright green shoes worn on the trampoline. Crocs I assume?

May Britt said...

You have to beautiful girls.
Lucky you who are quilting on your DJ. I hade made a lot of blocks and gave them all away. If I start it over again I want to do it in other colours than I first started.

Hedgehog said...

Lovely tour of your day!

ruthsplace said...

So nice to slice of your day. Love the apple core quilt.

Helen said...

Keep up the good writing. I enjoyed reading about your wednesday. Very busy.
Getting more and more jealous of you Dear Jane. When will I have time to start :)

Toni said...

I love the day by pictures!! But wowsers, you are a busy lady!! :D

I love sleeping baby pictures, they are perfect at that time of day!

Verry Sherry said...

don't you just want to freeze frame them when they are sleeping like that --true angels--

Nice work on the applecore. Will the binding be as tricky as it looks to me? You amaze me!

Love spending my morning in your day! I am envious as I am chained to my desk. Though I am officially seeking parttime work--
Enjoy our intermitten sunshine, today is another lovely sight.

Karol-Ann said...

There are never enough hours in the day when you have kids. Looks like a great day, most of my days are a blur LOL

Anne Marie said...

Enjoyed spending the day with you and your adorable girls. I love hearing the career choices, it sounds like my house!!! We don't have a McDonalds here in Wexford, we have a chip that would be way too cool especially when you live above it!!!!!

Kristin said...

I really enjoyed hearing about your day! Thanks for sharing. The quilting looks great!

barbara Karlsson said...


Love reading about the girls!


Andrea said...

What a lovely post. You certainly pack a lot into your time. When my kids were very little Patrick wanted to be a bin man ( refuse collector ) and Jess wanted to work in a chip shop. High ambitions - lol ! They laugh when I tell them about it.

anne bebbington said...

Your post today made me laugh at the 'typical' Irish weather - I remember hearing a quote one day from someone Irish - "If you don't like the weather here in Ireland, wait five minutes" Love the picture of your littler one asleep with her bottom in the air - my 17 yo nephew always slept like that - often on the bedroom floor where he's literally fallen asleep mid playing - Bless!!!

Tazzie said...

Thank you for sharing your day Cathi hon. How fun to see a little slice of your life.

Beth said...

I love your Dear Jane, can't wait to see it all quilted up. I have been threatening to make one for a long time. Glad you like the yarn, I can't wait to see the socks for the girls!

Tracy said...

Such fun to see and read about your Wednesday! your girls are so sweet, and so funny! So to be along to your quilting group. And DJ is coming along so great...Love your apple core quilt! Happy weekend to you & yours ((HUGS))

Holly said...

I enjoyed reading about your typical day. Always love knowing what's going on with the girls.

Mary said...

You're not the only one watching blog stats. I watch mine too and discover new blogs; the more blogs I read the less I comment unfortunately.

I LOVE the apple-core with the BF quilting. It's on my list of doll quilts to make and I've been wanting to try hand quilting free form BF anyway. If I can just get caught up from my visit to Mom's and finish the doll Crazy quilt first.

katelnorth said...

Hey, you finished the applecore - how cool is that. Karol Ann seems to have received a parcel from you, but mine apparently has got held up in the postal strike - which means at least Wednesday until I see it - dang!