February 13, 2007

A New Convert

She is not a convert to knitting, she has been doing that for a while, and her mom is a wonderful knitter too... But I showed her my blog a while back and she has been bitten by the desire to show her knitters life online. This is Kathleen...a new friend here in Ballina...she lives across the street and our kids get on great, so it is a wonderful excuse for an afternoon here and there of knitting. (okay...many afternoons, lol! and sometimes we even look up to see what the kids are doing!)

I decided to knit myself something! After our visit in Limerick to meet Debbie Bliss, who spent a generous amount of time actually putting on us many of the sweaters from her latest books, I fell in love with this sweater from her newest line of dreamy soft "pure cotton" yarn. She was sooooooo nice and spent a lot of time talking to us, very cool!! Of course, I bought two books and 18 balls of Pure Cotton, lol, to make this sweater.

Barbara generously sent me a lovely Tilda stitchery this week, and I have dived into the world of redwork, well....pinkwork... How do you stitchers out there do the small curves for lettering and such...outline and stem stitch don't seem to be easy around tight corners. I used backstitch, but is there another good stitch out there???

My next quilt is definitely a quilt for Aisling as she is nearing 3 and need her own quilt from momma!! I also plan to make more name pillows in the next few weeks...

More soon, but go over and say hi to Kathleen, she is a knitter, but I can feel her weakening towards fabric...might get her quilting soon, she already has a start on a pillow for her son Daniel...

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