March 15, 2006

First Row of Dear Jane sashed!!

This is a tiny picture, but row A on my DJ quilt is sashed together! Now onto the next row... I'm under the weather at the moment, some sinus/flu/cold thing, so my energy levels haven't been great. I'm mainly working on swap blocks and this energy to start anything new or to heft my tops through the sewing machine for machine quilting... I do hope to start quilting a few tops in the next week or so!

No new viewers for our house, and no offers, it is a bit depressing. DH is missing us being together, so we might just move out to Nenagh and start renting a house with him, it will only be a few hundred euro more than what he is paying now to rent his room, and it will get us out of our limbo stage and my single mother stage, LOL!!! It is hard to be sick when you have two kids to take care of!!!

Thanks for all the ideas on the quilting for the 4patch blocks. I really do need to buy the Hargrave or Gaudynski machine quilting books, and I've never used a stencil before, so all these things kinda intimidate me. I'm self taught, and am just now branching out past the stitch in the ditch stage. I'm happy enough with the meandering I have done on a few quilts, but would really like to get into some of the more decorative quilting patterns such as the wreaths and feathers, fans, clamshells, etc... This is the year to get a start! Posted by Picasa

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Patricia said...

I am just starting. How did you sash the blocks together?